Adventure F5J from Aer-O-Tec


The model was designed by Andrey Vereschagin and Dmitry Volkov from St. Petersburg.
We got to know the two designers at the F3J / F5J Wilga-Cup in Kharkov / Ukraine several years ago. There the two reported of their difficulties in transporting model aircraft to the airport, for example in public transport. From these suggestions, our model TAKEO was created a little later, while Andrey and Dinitiy were working on their own model, which now gave rise to the ADVENTURE! The first draft of the Adventure was made in 2013 and several prototypes were built. In 2017, a completely new design was created from this experience and produced and continuously developed from 2018 until the model in its current form has been delivered by Aer-O-Tec since December 2019.
The ADVENTURE model is built using the latest carbon solidcore construction (milled solid core under CFRP spreadtow layer) and is therefore very pressure-resistant and suitable for everyday use. Due to the small pack size (2-part fuselage, 2-part VLW, 4-part surface) of the standard transport box of 78 x 33 x 9cm, the ADVENTURE is also the ideal holiday plane and leisure model for every occasion!


  • Sports model for ambitious pilots
  • Precisely calibrated aerodynamic configuration for calm , thermal and windy weather
  • Flight weight from 950 grams
  • 2.4 GHz friendly: complete absence of external antennas
  • Strong and reliable - made of carbon fiber with the "Solid core" technology, using high-quality materials from Rohacell®
  • Spacious fuselage with plenty of space to accommodate any batteries and equipment.
  • Quick and easy prelaunch assembly, without the use of additional tools.
  • Unique transport mobility. Disassembled Adventure F5J can be placed in a suitcase.
  • No additional costs for transportation of oversized luggage during flights


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Horus OpenTx
Horus FrOs
FrSky X20/X20s Ethos

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Aloft Hobbies
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Ship to: USA
Icare RC
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Ship to: Canada
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Ship to: Europe

Wingspan: 3000mm (118.1 in)
Length: 1445mm (56.9 in)

Weight: 970 g (2.1 lbs)
  • Wingspan: 3000mm
  • Length: 1445mm
  • Weight: from 970g
  • Wing Area: 54.93 dm²
  • CoG: 82 mm backward from leading edge of inboard wing panel


Adventure F5J (Gold Black)
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