Macro Merica from Catalyst Machineworks


This is Catalyst Machineworks flagship macro racing frame providing a beacon of freedom and liberty to those who still believe America is the greatest country on earth. The Macro Merica is the larger brother to the new Merica 5" V2. We took the exact same design elements and simply scaled up in order to fit huge motors and 9 inch or 10 inch props. The intent with this design is to provide a platform that is as compact and light weight as possible yet resilient to crash damage. Part geometries are extremely aerodynamic compared to existing macro frame designs on the market. The carbon frame parts are nice and thick with material in all the right places. 8mm thick arms and 4mm thick main plates ensure you won't be worried to really push this bird to the limits of your piloting skill whether on the track on freestyling your favorite spot. The Macro Merica is designed to only be used in conjunction with a canopy. The bird is sold WITHOUT a canopy. We suggest to mate her up to our Macro Merica canopy specially designed for the frame. The canopy is sold in two flavors. Flavor one is sleek as possible allowing for no GoPro to be attached. The second flavor allows you to mount a GoPro up top. Either flavor will allow you to run DJI Vista HD FPV or analog FPV. It should be noted that any of our existing Merica 5" V1 canopies will fit this frame as well. Yes, the 5" canopies fit this macro frame, but they might look a little weird. 


  • Extremely light weight (280g 'Dry' with frame hardware - 9" frame)
  • As compact as possible at only 338mm (9" frame), 376mm (10" frame)
  • Extremely crash resilient 
  • Aerodynamic profile 
  • Easy to build
  • Easy to maintain 
  • 2 screw quick release arms
  • Completely flat on bottom  
  • Industry leading carbon fiber
  • High strength steel fasteners 
  • Canopy options to allow for GoPro carry
  • Fits AIO ESC's, APD PBD500, Matek FCHUB-12S PDB, or similar
  • Single APD80a ESC mounts available (sold separate) 
  • Accepts full sized FC / ESC
  • FC mounts to the ESC or PDB instead of floating off the canopy 
  • Optional arm brace available for purchase
  • Fits any of our existing Merica V1 canopies 
  • Electronics SOLD SEPARATE
  • It is possible to run a gopro on this bird and have no props in view on the 9" version. 
  • It is NOT possible to run a gopro on this bird and have no props in view on the 10" version. 


Radio icons

FrSky X20

FrSky XE

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FrSky X18

FrSky Twin

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FrSky X10

FrSky X12s

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BMP (64x32)

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Where to buy

Wingspan: 338mm (13.3 in)
Length: 338mm (13.3 in)

Weight: 280 g (9.9 oz)
  • Weight: 280g (approx - 9" frame)
  • Weight: 294g (approx - 10" frame)
  • Nearly true-X frame layout
  • Frame Size: 338mm (9" frame)
  • Frame Size: 376mm (10" frame)
  • Carbon Fiber: Twill Weave 3K Matte
  • CF arm thickness: 8mm
  • CF top plate thickness: 4mm
  • CF bottom plate thickness: 4mm
  • CF arm brace: 5mm (sold separate)
  • Camera Angle Range: 0 - 65 degrees
  • Motors supported: 2812, 2814, 3115, 3120, or similar 
  • Motor pad holes: 19mm to 25mm bolt circle 
  • Lipos supported: 6s - 8s 
  • Lipo mounting position: Bottom 
  • Prop Size: Up to 10" (select 9" or 10" frame)
  • Fastener Material: High quality steel 
  • Accepted ESC/FC: (30.5mm x 30.5mm "FULL SIZE")
  • Motor pad mounting holes: M3 screws on 19mm or 25mm mounting circles 
  • Supported FPV system: DJI Vista HD or Analog
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