The Shocker HD Freestyle TANK from Catalyst Machineworks


This is a highly altered version of our Shocker HD Ultralight Frame. The basic structural design elements of this 'tank version' are very close to the ultralight. If you are not familiar with the original Shocker please watch our design review video. So what changed with this new freestyle tank? We have updated all of the parts to add a significant amount of material and also altered geometries as required to result in an extremely rugged frame. The intended purpose of this monster is aggressive freestyle flying while carrying heavy GoPro cameras (or similar). You will be able to beat your Shocker like a red headed stepchild with reckless abandon. The top deck has been extended by a large distance (115mm) to allow for very large capacity lipos. Why would you want to run such a big lipo? Todays motors are becoming ever more powerful and larger stators are now commonplace. You need a BIG lipo to supply all that power. Provisions are made on this frame to fit the DJI Air Unit or Caddx Vista HD FPV systems. Full sized flight controllers and ESC's will fit in this tank and there is plenty of space for even the largest AMP hungry AIO speed controllers. The arm pads are sized properly to fit traditional freestyle motors. The same 3D printed accessories that fit the Ultralight Shocker also fit this version! Sure all that functionality and durability is important but what about looks? Are you kidding me?! Look at this thing! It looks AMAZING. Now you can be the coolest kid at the FPV pool party. 


  • Crazy tough frame 
  • Approx 130g weight (with hardware)
  • Designed for aggressive freestyle in beautiful HD
  • 'Underslung' component mounting for ideal COG 
  • Easy access to components for field repairs
  • Quick swap arm design
  • Top plate features countersunk screw holes to provide a flat lipo mounting surface
  • Designed to fit either the DJI Air unit or Caddx Vista 
  • Air Unit antenna 3D printed holder INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE
  • Will also fit analog FPV components 
  • Lots of available accessories 
  • Optional colored aluminum screw set available (save weight!) 
  • Lots of deck space for large lipos
  • Plenty of room for 5.1" props
  • No props in view on FPV camera feed 
  • 2 velcro straps hold the lipo firmly in place
  • Superior FPV camera protection 
  • Wide range of FPV camera adjustment 
  • Two screw arm removal. Remove arms be loosening one screw and removing the other
  • No arm "slop"
  • Provisions for crossfire gear 
  • Mount options coming soon for GoPro 9, GoPro 8, GoPro 6/7, session, and insta 360 cams
  • Superior Catalyst Machineworks design
  • Superior Catalyst Machineworks customer support
  • Electronics sold separate 
  • GoPro camera mounts sold separate 



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FrSky X18

FrSky Twin

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Where to buy

Wingspan: 227mm (8.9 in)
Length: 227mm (8.9 in)

Weight: 130 g (4.6 oz)
  • 5" Weight: 130g (appox)
  • Carbon fiber: Twill Weave 3K Matte
  • Standoff color: Matte black
  • CF Arms: 5mm thick x 10mm wide 
  • Top CF plate: 3mm
  • Front cage plates: 3mm
  • Rear cage plates: 3mm
  • Middle plates: 2.5mm
  • Front brace: 5mm
  • Cross brace: 2.5mm
  • Optional rear brace (sold separate): 4mm
  • Frame type: 'dead cat' quad
  • Frame size: 227mm
  • FPV camera angle range: 0 - 70 degrees
  • Motor pad mounting holes: M3 screws on 16mm or 19mm mounting circles
  • Lipos supported: 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s 
  • Available lipo mounting space: 115mm (length)
  • Lipos suggested: 1300mah - 1800mah (4s or 6s)
  • Lipo mounting position: Top 
  • Prop size: 5.1 inch (max) 
  • Accepted ESC: 4-in-1 full size or micro 
  • Accepted FC: Full size or micro 
  • Supports "Mini" FPV Cameras (air unit or caddx vista)
  • Supports "Micro" FPV Cameras: (analog) Adapter needed 
  • Everything is included to install your DJI Air Unit
  • To make the Caddx vista fit you must purchase this antenna holder
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