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The latest 3-inch Quadcopter developed by GEPRC is officially released now, and two versions are currently available: CineLog30 VISTA Polar and CineLog30 Analog.

CineLog30 is developed on the basis of cinglog25. It has a stronger power output with 1404-3850kv motor and HQProp T76MMX3 propellers.Ultra light fuselage weight, and CineLog30 Analog equipped with 4s 660mah battery take-off weight is only 204g.The duration of the flight is 7.5 minutes.The GoPro Hero 8 naked camera and INSTA 360 GO2 camera can be installed,with the mounting base.


  • Small size, light weight, with GEPRC 4S 660mAh battery, take-off weight is only 204g.
  • The GoPro Hero 8 naked camera and INSTA 360 GO2 camera can be installed, with the mounting base.
  • Continue the unique design damping pan tilt , and adjust the number of damping balls according to the scene.
  • 1404-3850KV motor with HQProp T76MMX3 propellers, strong power output.The duration of the flight is 7.5 minutes by 4S 660mAh LIPO Battery.


Radio icons

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Horus OpenTx
Horus FrOs
FrSky X20/X20s/XE Ethos
FrSky X18/X18s Ethos

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Where to buy

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Ship to: International

Wingspan: 126mm (5 in)
Length: 126mm (5 in)

Weight: 140 g (4.9 oz)
  • Wheelbase: 126mm
  • Top plate: 2.0mm
  • Bottom plate: 2.0mm
  • Arm plate: 3.0mm

FC system: GEP-F411-35A AIO

  • MCU: STM32F411
  • Gyro: 6-Axis
  • OSD: BetaFlight OSD w/AT7456E chip
  • ESC: BLheli_S 35A
  • VTX: GEP-600mW-VTX
  • Camera: Caddx Ratel2
  • Propeller: HQProp T76MMX3
  • Antenna: GEPRC Momoda 5.8g MMCX RHCP 100mm
  • Motor: GEPRC GR1404-3850KV
  • CineLog30 Analog weight: 140.0g
  • Receiver: PNP(Without Receiver)/Frsky RXSR /TBS Nano RX

Flight time:

  • Batteries used: GEPRC 4S 660maH
  • With naked GoPro8(sub250g): 4S 660mAh 7-8min


CineLog30 (Black Red)
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