Patty Wagstaff Extra 300S from Great Planes


The Great Planes 1/4-Scale Patty Wagstaff Extra 300S ARF is a versatile airplane designed for giant-scale aerobatics. The Extra 300S ARF is capable of wild, 3D aerobatics while still keeping the slow speed and landing performance of a low wing sport model. The Extra 300S ARF is an airplane that will go where you point it without any surprises. This is a Radio Controlled, Glow Powered, Almost-Ready-to-Fly, Great Planes Patty Wagstaff 1/4 Scale Airplane for Intermediate to Advanced Modeler/Flyers.

Patty Wagstaff is a Highly respected Ambassador in the field of Women’s Aviation. She is a World Champion Aerobatic pilot who Dazzles crowds world-wide with her Airshow Performances.

The Extra 300S ARF is an excellent sport-scale model and is eligible to fly in IMAA events. The IMAA (International Miniature Aircraft Association) is an organization that promotes non-competitive flying of giant-scale models.

Though the Extra 300S is an ARF and may not have the same level of detail as an “all-out” scratch-built competition model, it is a scale model none-the less and is therefore eligible to compete in the Fun Scale class in AMA competition (we receive many favorable reports of Great Planes ARFs in scale competition!) In Fun Scale, the “builder of the model” rule does not apply. To receive the five points for scale documentation, the only proof required that a full-size aircraft of this type in this paint/markings scheme did exist is a single sheet such as a kit box cover from a plastic model, a photo, or a profile painting, etc.



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Wingspan: 1981mm (78 in)
Length: 1841mm (72.5 in)

Weight: 7260 g (16 lbs)
  • Wingspan: 78″ (1981mm)
  • Wing Area: 1157sq in (74.6dm2)
  • Weight: 14-16 lb (6.35-7.26kg)
  • Wing Loading: 31oz/sq ft (94.6 g/dm2)
  • Length: 72.5″ (1841.5mm)
  • Airfoil: Fully-Symmetrical Low-Wing
  • Center of Gravity: 3-13/16″ (97 mm) Back from the wing’s leading edge
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