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With a wingspan of about 2m, 3-piece wing and 4 wing servos our  SLOPE INFUSION is an agile "always-in-the-pocket" model with a wide range of applications. Easy and forgiving take-off-, flight- and landing characteristics, a wide speed range due to the cambered profile of the entire wing. By using the deflectable flaps and ailerons the slope glider design with the profile "Selig 7012" can be transformed into a lamblike glider with a convincing and, for the design, surprising thermal performance. Due to the "Butterfly"-landing configuration vertical descents from great heights with a minimum space requirement for landing are possible. The powerful motorisation makes you independent of the flying site and allows a larger radius of action and "riskier" thermal tracking on slopes. The recommended propulsion - consisting of the BL outrunner Hacker A20-12XL, a 3-cell LiPo with 1300mAh capacity and the CamCarbon 10x6 - allows lots of climbs to thermally amazing heights and spectacular "rescue operations", if the lift on the slope is not as good as expected. Due to the light flight weight, 10s of engine run time per climb are absolutely sufficient. For the glider and slope purists among you we offer a separately available glider conversion kit. The SLOPE INFUSION is not recommended for beginners because of the fast climb and the good rudder efficiency. For all the advanced pilots: Get it, enjoy the good quality of the kit, build it with enthusiasm, and have heavenly flights wherever you are! (Pack dimensions fuselage: 111cm, pack dimensions wings: 91cm!).

Typical for GRUENER: Solid tubular spar construction with pullwinding spars. Compared to pultruded tubes these have a much higher bending and torsional strength. Precisely lasercut wooden construction, simplest construction (Höllein-3D-puzzle). Easy procurement of single parts and assemblies. Proudly made in Germany!
3-piece wing, planked flat-built tailplane, removable elevator in front of the rudder (optional), 90° deflectable landing flaps (bottom mounted), integrated wing connectors in the main spar, innovative (tool- and tape-free) fixation of the outer wings. Main feature of the model is the tubular carbon spar, onto which the lasercut ribs are kind of "threaded". Half-ribs in the front section of the wing ensure good airfoil accuracy and prevent the covering film from collapsing in this section of the profile. Stylish wingtips ensure an elegant appearance. The fuselage is consistently designed for the use of small brushless outrunners. Nearly 2m of wingspan, an all up weight of around 900 grs, a wing area of 32dm² makes a wing loading of 28g/dm².        

The fuselage (built from balsa, reinforced by "clicked in" plywood formers) is doubled-up by lightweight plywood underneath the wing. The milled bulkhead is already prepared for the mounting of a Hacker A20-12XL. The kit includes - besides lasercut parts - the GRP tube spars, GRP leading edges and all linkages and small parts. A multi-coloured construction plan (Scale 1:1) and widely illustrated German building instructions are of course included when you buy a kit from our GRUENER-CNC line. The kit doesn't include any glues, covering material, power drive, batteries and RC components. As covering we recommend ORACOVER(Ultracote) covering film.

Description and pictures from Höllein



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Wingspan: 1950mm (76.8 in)
Length: 110mm (4.3 in)

Weight: 900 g (2 lbs)
  • Construction: CNC laser wooden kit
  • RC functions: elevator / rudder / motor / flaps / ailerons
  • Span approx.: [Mm] 1950
  • Length approx.: [Mm] 1110
  • Wing area approx.: [Dm²] 30
  • Wing loading approx.: [G / dm²] 30
  • All-up weight approx.: 900g
  • Wing profile: S7012


  • Brushless motor: Hacker A20-12XL, #H97800010
  • Controller: FlyFun 40A, #ROHW30214002       
  • Center yoke: Reisenauer system, #RE-K35.3,2.8       
  • Spinner cone: Reisenauer system, #RE-35       
  • Airscrew (folding): Aeronaut CamCarbon 10 x 6, #AN723428
  • LiPo battery: LiPo 3S/1300mAh,11.1V
  • Servos 4 pcs. D-Power DS140, #DPDS140
  • Servos 2 pcs. KST DS 113, #KSTDS113MG
  • Female cable: #MU59226 (2 pcs.), (join center part/outer wings)
  • MPX green connector pair (#HOEMPX) (join wing/fuselage)
  • Male servo cable: #MU59125 (4 pcs.) (join MPX green/receiver)
  • Wing covering material: 2.0 meters preferably ORACOVER/ULTRACOTE
  • Fuselage covering material: 1.1 meters, preferably ORACOVER/ULTRACOTE
  • Glues of your choice
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