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PittsBULL is our first biplane for indoor flying primarily. The basic shape of the model is based on the real Pitts Model 12 aerobatic aircraft, but of course it is designed to achieve maximum maneuverability and best flight characteristics. This is aided by the lightweight and durable design of the EPP sheets with carbon reinforcements, the huge control surfaces and the full-flying elevator, which is almost capable of 90 degree throws. In contrast to the similar indoor planes, the ailerons are controlled by two servos (especially for left and right side). In addition to making it easier to set the ailerons position and the size of the deflections on both sides, crazy pilots can try to mix ailerons as a flaps with the elevator to make even more crazy maneuvers. Weight of 160g (without batteries) is higher than one-wing models of comparable size, but is compensated by a much larger wings area, so the wing loading is still excellent. You will love this crazy PittsBull!



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Wingspan: 755mm (29.7 in)
Length: 848mm (33.4 in)

Weight: 190 g (6.7 oz)
  • Wingspan: 755mm
  • Length: 848mm
  • Weight: from 190g (ready to fly with battery)
  • Material: EPP rigid foam

Required accessories

  • Drive set: Hacker Brushless Set Master Force; Consists of brusless motor 2815CA-20 KV1800 & MC-12A brusless controller
  • Hacker Servo Set ID-1; Consists of 4x servo MASTER Force Profi Digital 5.6 g metal gear
  • Battery: 2S LiPo 450mAh
  • Propeller
  • Suitable super glue and activator
  • Standard tool
  • Remote control system with at least 5 channels

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