Havok Racer 1000 from Skynetic


The Skynetic 1M Havok Racer is a thrilling addition to the popular parkracer category. Typified by sleek lines and lighter wing loading afforded by hand launching, parkracers often reference the Unlimited Class Reno Racers of highly modified P-51 Mustangs, Sea Furys, and other classic warbird airframes. The Skynetic 1M Havok Racer is a 100mph capable aircraft on a 4S battery for 3-7 minutes of balanced flight. Created as a well balanced aircraft for both high speed and slow speed, the Havok Racer is easy to hand launch and simple to land. Delivered in a bold graphite and green paint scheme, the Skynetic Havok Racer is an ideal club class race plane. It is the perfect platform for customization and is best enjoyed flown in groups against your friends

Rather than a lightweight straight line race plane, the Havok is adequately reinforced in necessary areas to sustain the loads of aggressive "bank and crank" flying through a racing circuit.  Carbon and fiberglass reinforcements in its one piece wing and flying surfaces provide strength, with digital metal gear servos giving positive authority while racing your friends. The Havok Racer's large rudder also rewards pilots with a wide flight envelope and precision flying. From long speed runs to short field acrobatics, the Havok Racer has the weight to penetrate stably through wind but can still be flown to a near standstill with only a mild stall.

Special consideration was taken to ensure the Havok Racer is approachable for pilots new to hand launch and belly landed race planes. Hand launching can be done overhand or underhand with three quarter throttle and a firm toss. The model doesn't exhibit the scary "torque roll" usually associated with similar racers, but instead flies out straight and level from your grip. In the landing pattern, the Havok Racer's excellent slow speed threshold eliminates the characteristic snapping stall that often threatens other race planes.

The model's upward facing aileron servo horns are protected from damage during landing, and the forward cowling and belly intake are also capped in ABS plastic to protect against scrapes during landing. The matte black anodized aluminum spinner is factory balanced for extended service life.

The Skynetic 1M Havok Racer also provides ample space for a gyro stabilized receiver, such as the Admiral RX600SP 6-Channel DSMX Compatible Receiver with Stability Plus Gyro. Pilots can opt for a lighter 4S 2200mAh battery in low wind conditions or power up with a 4s 3000mAh battery for heavier throttle usage or longer flight times.


  • Clear canopy that can fit an FPV camera
  • Metallic Graphite paint with Hyper Green decal accents. High contrast scheme to aid orientation
  • Aluminum spinner
  • Capable of 100mph top speed
  • Easy to hand toss
  • All 9g metal gear servos and brass ball linkage
  • Plastic capped forward fuselage for dent resistance
  • Reinforced motor mount and main wing, in case pilots want to experiment with mods
  • No glue assembly
  • Functional forehead intake (reminiscent of certain Reno Racer Unlimited Class Mustangs)
  • Full spare parts availability



Radio icons

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Horus OpenTx
Horus FrOs
FrSky X20/X20s Ethos

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Where to buy

Motion RC B.V.
check web site
Ship to: Europe
Motion RC LLC
check web site
Ship to: USA

Wingspan: 1000mm (39.4 in)
Length: 880mm (34.6 in)

Weight: 920 g (2 lbs)
Model Scale N/A
Wingspan 1000mm / 39.37in
Length 880mm / 34.64in
Weight 920g / 32.45oz
CG (Center of Gravity) Refer to manual
Power System Admiral Brushless 3542-1600kV motor
Electronic Speed Control Admiral 80A with XT60 connector (included)
Propeller / EDF 7.8x7 2-Blade (included)
Servos 4x 9g Digital Metal Gear Standard Servos
Landing Gear None
Required Battery 4 Cell 14.8V 2200-3000 mAh LiPo battery with XT60 connector (required)
Required Radio 4+ Channel (required)


  • Skynetic Havok Racer 1000mm (39") Wingspan - PNP
  • Admiral brushless 3542-1600kV motor
  • Admiral 80A ESC with XT60 connector
  • 4x 9g digital metal gear servos


  • 4 Channel radio - select a minimum 4 channel radio 
  • 4 Channel receiver - select a minimum 4 channel receiver 
  • 4 Cell 14.8V 2200-3000 mAh LiPo battery with XT60 connector


Havok Racer 1000 (White-green-grey)


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