Stingy V2 Forged Edition from XHOVER


Culminating from years of work in the field, Xhover designed a carbon fiber frame that is layered up with a full Torray T-700 S Nano Alloy inner-structure sheet, that provides a solid and strong inner-sheet.  But when they get to the final stage of production, a forged carbon fiber sheet is layered on top and bottom of the T-700 sheet. This final process gives a great finished look of forged carbon to the entire frame. This creates the best of both worlds, a great looking Stingy frame with improved strength and durability.

The Torray T-700 S is a special Nano alloy resin blend.  The “S” designation is for a very high strength, high yield carbon fiber sheet.  We get the pre-preg sheets, this means that Torray puts the resin in the carbon and makes large sheets for us. This allows our sheet to have the minimal amount of resin.  Resin is the weakest part of the frame, and resin is the heaviest part of the frame.  This process gives our frames the maximum amount of carbon fiber (strength) with the minimum amount of resin (weakness).

 Now we know that looks are great, but this is at its heart, a freestyle frame. To keep things compact and light, we still have our integrated soft mount solution for the 20 x 20 FC and Vtx hardware, and of course the option for the 30 x 30 stacks as well.  Regardless of the build configuration you desire, Xhover has an entire line of 3D printed mounts to ensure the perfect fit for any and all of your flight hardware.

The absolute advantage of the Stingy V2 Forged frame is that it is the strongest frame we can make while keeping the great flight performance you’ve come to know in our Stingy V2 frame.  As with Stingy V2 the Stingy 1 has a wide stance and lower center of gravity, all contributing to solid flight stability in the air and on the course.

It is always the little things that make a big difference on a good freestyle frame.  The Stingy V2 Forged has stout 5mm arms that can take a solid hit and continue on, but if needed, are easy to replace. The soft mount 20 x 20 stack insulates all your electronics from many types of impacts.  We can say that the Stingy V2 Forged will be able to stand up to the demands that any Freestyler needs for their quads on a daily basis.


  • Soft mount for FC on the 20x20 stack.
  • Torrey T700s carbon fiber
  • 20mm Standoffs
  • Sticky Battery Pad
  • Top Mount battery Design
  • durable arms 
  • Plenty of room for a nice clean compact build
  • easy single-arm replacement 
  • 16x16 Motor Spacing


Radio icons

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Horus & T16 OpenTx
Horus FrOs
Spektrum IX12
Futaba 18MZ
Jeti DS-24

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Wingspan: unknown
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Weight: unknown

5" Frame


  • 1x Stingy V2 Forged Frame
  • 1x Set of high-quality Titanium Hardware
  • 1x Battery Strap
  • 1x ESC sticker Sheet
  • 4x Foam Landing Pads
  • 1x Sticky Battery pad 
  • 1x 3D printed Camera mount attachment 


Stingy V2 Forged Edition (Black)


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