The OPUS is the glider version of the COLT 2 with a V-tail. During construction, the goal was to work towards the lowest possible overall resistance of the model in order to achieve optimal results in long-distance flight and at high flight speeds. The fuselage cross section is slightly smaller than that of the COLT 2, but allows the installation of normal-sized RC components. The V-tail is articulated in the fuselage tube (aerodynamics and protection against damage during landing). Since the normal weight of the OPUS-V is very low (approx.1300g) there is enough space for lead ballast in the center of gravity. Furthermore, a ballast tube is integrated in the wing. With 300 / 600g in the wing and a maximum of 800g in the fuselage, a take-off weight of 2800g can be achieved, which corresponds to the CALIF with maximum equipment (wing load approx. 87g / qdm). The application and speed range is very large. In order to adapt the model to the hard use of slopes, especially due to landings in poor terrain (stones, bushes, etc.), the outer layer of the wing was designed to be considerably more pressure-resistant due to the increased use of materials. The wings of COLT 2 and OPUS-V are compatible, although there is a weight difference of 180g due to the higher material input and the balast tube.

For even tougher use, in particular speed flight, dynamic soaring or lead fetishists, a harder version is available, the OPUS-V Special, which uses double / triple the amount of glass / carbon in the fuselage, surface and tail unit to increase structural strength and achieved in the surface (compressive strength). The minimum weight is now 1700g and can be expanded to 3400g (106g / qdm) with the larger 1100g fuselage ballast and 600g area ballast.

As a highlight, the OPUS-V Super Special for even higher demands, which is made entirely of CFRP. The structure is designed for extreme strength and is based on the experience of an experienced DS pilot who flew some sensational speed flights with the Opus. In this version the minimum weight increases to 2800g, the maximum weight to over 4000g !!! The strength reserves are almost inexhaustible, which was convincingly demonstrated several times at trade fairs and flight days by an 85 kg person sitting on the wing. 


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Horus & T16 OpenTx
Horus FrOs
Spektrum IX12
Futaba 18MZ
Jeti DS-24

Similar Models

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We cannot guarantee that the shops listed below do sell the OPUS-V CFK in particular but at least we know they do distribute Zdenek JESINA.

Where to buy

PAF Flugmodelle
check web site
Ship to: Europe

Wingspan: 1900mm (74.8 in)
Length: unknown

Weight: 1800 g (4 lbs)

Wingspan: 1900 mm
Weight: 1200/1800/2900 g
Profile: RG 14


OPUS-V CFK (Yellow Blue)


fms A-10 Thunderbolt II
Multiplex Funcub NG
parkzone Icon A5
Multiplex FunCub
KYOSHO Kelly 70 EP
Multiplex TwinStar ND
E-flite UMX B-17G Flying Fortress
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Premier Aircraft FV-31 Cypher VTOL Super
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Doroshenko Edge F5J
Sebald Modellbau nani DLG
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Blade mCPX
ALZ RC Devil X360
Blade 330X
Align T-REX 500
Blade Nano S2
Blade Nano CP S
Align T-REX 450L
Align T-REX 700


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