Rafale Jet EDF 64 from fms


Designed by the French Dassault company, the Rafale is a highly maneuverable delta-winged fighter with a full-flying canard. The excellent dogfighting, carrier operations and air to surface attack performance of the Rafale has allowed it to gain worldwide sucess.

Developed to replicate both the looks and performance of the real aircraft, FMS has dedicated it's decades long experience into designing the 64mm Rafale.The 64mm Rafale has a high degree of restoration, within the maximum range allowed by the budget. Details such as scaled outlines, delta wing, pilot figure, cockpit interior, panels, removable armaments, auxiliary fuel tanks, refueling probe, targeting sensor, exhaust grilles etc

Like all other FMS aircraft, the 64mm Rafale was designed to reduce build time to a minimum. Experienced builders can complete the build process in as little as 5 minutes.

Include a free Reflex flight stabilization system
The Rafale comes with the free Reflex flight stabilization system. 2 years in the making and after hundreds of test flights in all conditions, the Reflex system features Stabilized (accelerometer and gyro), Optimized (gyro-only) and Manual (off) flight modes- a trusty co-pilot, perfect for pilots of any skill level.

An 64mm 11 bladed EDF with 2840 motor and 40A high performance ESC easily accomplishes fighter jets maneuvers with realistic sound and speed.


  • Equipped with combo 2840 KV3150 motor with a high-performance 40A ESC
  • Equipped with a CNC metal front landing gear
  • Scaled details such as scaled outline, delta wing, pilot figure, cockpit interior, panels, removable armaments, auxiliary fuel tanks, refueling probe, targeting sensor, exhaust grilles etc.
  • Water based vibrant NATO Tiger Meet trim scheme


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Horus OpenTx
Horus FrOs
FrSky X20/X20s/XE Ethos
FrSky X18/X18s Ethos

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Wingspan: 740mm (29.1 in)
Length: 1064mm (41.9 in)

Weight: 1150 g (2.5 lbs)
Wing-span (mm): 740 mm
Flight weight approx. (g): 1150 g 
Length (mm): 1064 mm
Fuselage: EPO
Wings: EPO
Rec. engine: Brushless 2840-KV3150
Rec. Battery: 4S/2200-2600mAh LiXX
Drive Type: Electric


Rafale Jet EDF 64 (Grey)
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