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If you wanted to get started in model aircraft and fly a rc helicopter, Align's T-Rex 450 was the obvious choice. But the arrival of the TB40 reshuffles the deck, making it your best choice as a beginner radio-controlled helicopter modeler. This machine will follow you all the way from hovering to aerobatics, and will seduce even experienced pilots.
In the category of radio-controlled helicopters for beginners, the T-Rex TB40 is the best rc helicopter in its class, and an excellent starter machine.

The 450/470 class rc helicopters are the ideal transition from flight simulators, drones or fixed-pitch micro-models (Blade, etc.) to high-performance collective-pitch radio-controlled helicopters.
The T-Rex TB40 remote-controlled helicopter is equipped with an electric motor managed by an ESC controller.
Volts are the ideal replacement for fuel: less noisy and cleaner than the Nitro internal combustion engine, the brushless motor is now unanimously acclaimed in the RC modelling world for its high performance (power, torque) and ease of use.
A battery charger and a few Lipo batteries will get you through several flights, and your electric rc chopper will always stay clean!
At a later date, you can even equip it with a fuselage to give it a model look.

Stability of the TB40's tail (rear propeller) is ensured by a gyroscope or a flybarless system performing the necessary mixes (the flybarless system is not supplied in this kit).


  • Brand new lightweight Canopy weighs only 58g, the frame guide R angle design effectively improves the hardness and anti-deformation ability. The streamlined and neat curves of the case are not only dazzling, but also enhance the overall shape of the machine.
  • The internal space is cleverly used to hide the signal line inside the fuselage, so that the appearance is clean and tidy while receiving the best protection.
  • Newly designed Landing Skid is light weight, impact-resistant and incorporates a rib structure with multi-point  locking effectively improving stability.
  • Align original patented stable latched battery design. Simple, easy and fast battery replacing.
  • The fuselage frame is a two-stage set apart design, a high-strength composite material is applied to the 3K carbon fiber fuselage panel using a proprietary embedding technology, which effectively strengthens the structural rigidity and allows trouble-free maintenance. The upper and lower frame are made of 1.6mm 3K carbon fiber plates.
  • The low center of gravity EFL rotor head assembly is made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy is CNC machined, matched with a high carbon steel precision CNC grinding spindle 8mm, to greatly reduce the center of gravity to effectively facilitate reduced flight resistance for 3D and Sport flight control, generating excellent stability and flight control of the helicopter.
  • Improved swashplate mounting rod design to provide greater reliability and stability to prevent detachment of the rods during extreme flight maneuvers.
  • The main shaft is stabilized by three bearing blocks which improves the stability of high-speed main blade rotation during operation.
  • The TB40 motor pulley has a designed belt guide pulley, which can effectively guide the belt to run stably and parallel, enhance the transmission force between the belt and the pulley. To ensure the service life of the belt.
  • 400MX brushless motor (1100KV/3225):  Using 65 voltage as the power base, not only the average current is reduced by 10A, but the motor, battery and ESC have excellent low-temperature performance, especially abundant power. You can feel the abundant torque output in continuous 3D movements, providing the advantages of high efficiency, low temperature and high torque.
  • 60A brushless ESC
    • Adopt 32-bit high-speed computing processor.
    • Provide sufficient power to the steering gear to make every flight action precise.
    • The fixed speed sensitivity is adjustable.
    • Can be connected to a multi-function LCD parameter
  • The independent servo mount can be more easily removed, which allows for quick repairs and replacements when required; additionally the servo arm's output axis point (rotation axis point) is closer to the spindle. Reducing any lateral movement of the swashplate servo interacting with each other function, thus providing simpler and more accurate swashplate movement, effectively improving the flexibility and stability of flight control.
  • Without too much cumbersomeness, the two-point belt pressure wheel arm is cleverly used to give the tail belt a proper tightness, which makes the flight smooth and more convenient for maintenance.
  • The extremely stable carbon fiber tube highlights the bold ALIGN exclusive font, and the front of the tail pipe is made of composite material to enhance toughness. TB60 carbon fiber tail pipe (thick tail pipe) 3K carbon fiber 4 17.3x4 21x446mm
  • The tail box is strong, reliable and durable, which can be replaced quickly and easily, providing stable tail boom support for all levels of flying. Large diameter tail drive pulley allows for maximum power transfer efficiency.


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Wingspan: 851mm (33.5 in)
Length: 747mm (29.4 in)

Weight: 953 g (2.1 lbs)
  • Length: 747 mm
  • Height: 223 mm
  • Width: 103 mm
  • Blade: Align 380 mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 851 mm
  • Tail Blade: Align 70 mm
  • Motor: Align MX400/1100kV
  • ESC: 60A
  • Servo: Align DS450M/535M
  • Motor Pulley: 22T
  • Gear Ratio: 5.44:1:4.04
  • Max RPM approx.: 3400 RPM
  • Weight: 953g
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