AMXFlight Turbo Bushmaster from Amewi


The AMXFlight Bushmaster is a STOL capable high wing aircraft with 3D aerobatic performance and very smooth slow flight characteristics. The large air-filled and shock-absorbing tyres make short take-offs and landings possible on almost any surface. The 6S LiPo compatible brushless motor in combination with an 80A Hobbywing controller and a 15x7” wooden propeller has proven to be the optimal setup for impressive climb performance and a very good top speed. The long flight time of 6-10 minutes with a 3200mAh 6S LiPo battery are perfectly chosen for the ambitious sport pilot and the 3D connoisseur. The integrated night flight lighting, which illuminates the entire fuselage and the wings from the inside, round off this model sustainably.

  • Lightweight yet robust EPO with composite reinforcements.
  • Deep wings with very large flaps and ailerons (approx. 40% of the total area), which can be switched to a control surface via the transmitter and are suitable for extreme 3D manoeuvres
  • Oversized air-filled tyres with valve for shock-absorbing properties. Take-offs and landings on almost any surface
  • Short take-off characteristics (with flaps fully set to approx. 1 - 2m)
  • Short landing characteristics due to large landing flaps and the possibility to switch them with the ailerons e.g., as butterfly.
  • Complete night flight lighting in the fuselage and in the wings, switchable via the transmitter
  • Various accesses to all components on the fuselage and a large battery compartment for 6S LiPo batteries from 3000-4000mAh



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Horus OpenTx
Horus FrOs
FrSky X20/X20s/XE Ethos
FrSky X18/X18s Ethos

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Ship to: France
Wingspan: 1830mm (72 in)
Length: 1330mm (52.4 in)

Weight: 2961 g (6.5 lbs)
  • Material: Lightweight yet strong EPO, ABS engineering plastics
  • ESC: 80A, 8A UBEC
  • Wingspan: 1830mm
  • Servos: 2x 25g, 4x 19g Digital Servo MG
  • Overall Length: 1330mm
  • Wing Load: 68,5g/dm²
  • Landing Gear: Fixed main landing gear
  • Wing Area: 43,2dm²
  • Channels: 6CH, Throttle, ailerons, flaps, elevator, rudder and LED
  • Flying Weight: 2961g
  • Propeller: 15 x 7” Wooden
  • Recommended Battery: 22,2V 3000 - 4000mAh XT90 Motor: 5015 550KV 


AMXFlight Turbo Bushmaster (Red White Black)
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