Junior - Retro Series from Durafly


An EPO foam model with a vintage balsa look. The new Retro series Junior from Durafly® ™ brings to the hobby the world's first truly 'Plug and Fly' model of a classic 'Vintage' design.  The Junior comes with all the benefits and convenience of a modern day electric powered model while capturing perfectly the essence of early radio controlled model flight. With its charismatic outline, beautifully simulated 'built up construction' and classic finish, the Junior allows you to experience all the pleasures of owning and flying an old timer. However, unlike traditional built up models upon which it is based, construction time has been reduced to an absolute minimum thanks to the Plug and fly nature of the Junior and its full use of modern day materials, most notably EPO.

This retro series model (like the Pioneer before it), comes with all electronics, control horns and push rods pre-installed and all components pre-assembled. No glue is provided, as none is needed! The Junior simply bolts/screws together, being ready for flight in just a matter of minutes. The undercarriage comes pre-assembled and features authentic oversized wheels. The 1100mm span wing comes in two halves out of the box, that when assembled can also break down quickly for transporting if need be. The tail plane is secured cleanly to the fuselage using just four screws. Battery and servos are easily accessible through the high quality plastic molded battery hatch of the fuselage. The cowl is made from the same high quality plastic and houses the perfectly matched DST-1100 brushless outrunner that swings an included 8x6 propeller. A 20amp ESC uses XT60 connectors and is pre-installed. For that final aesthetic touch of realism, rubber wing bands and a dummy diesel engine cylinder head are also included to complete the look.

In the air, the Junior is very true to its vintage/old timer heritage. She is easy to fly and does so very gracefully and with a great deal of added charm too. Due to the high level of dihedral in the wing the Junior is inherently stable at slower speeds and will benefit from minimal aileron input throughout the flight. In fact, cruising around at little more than 1/4 throttle and with the use of the rudder and elevator alone, will result not only in a very authentic flying experience, but a very pleasurable one. The Junior is every bit the free flight model in design, and as such, will virtually fly itself in the right conditions. In addition to this, with its very low current draw and need for only low throttle inputs, you can expect flight times in excess of 20 minutes with a fully charged 1300mah 3S lipo. That said, If you wish to push the Junior, open up the throttle and with increased stick inputs she will perform basic aerobatic maneuvers.

With the Retro series Junior, you'll be rewarded with an extremely relaxing model to both build and fly, with all the levels of quality, ease of assembly and value you've come to love from Durafly® ™. The Junior is without doubt the most charming model yet in the range, and every time you fly her you'll be reminded why.

• Beautifully simulated 'built-up' construction from lightweight and durable EPO
• High level of prefabrication, requires only minutes to assemble
• Extremely gentle flight characteristics, especially in slow flight 
• High quality paint finish
• Dummy model engine and wing bands for added realism
• Plug and Fly format, simply add your own radio system and battery
• Strong, fully moulded plastic cowl
• Easy and direct access to battery and radio compartment
• Full 4 channel control: Elevator, rudder, throttle and aileron
• Authentic and robust preassembled undercarriage
• Detailed instruction manual included
• Full compliment of spare parts available



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Wingspan: 1100mm (43.3 in)
Length: 765mm (30.1 in)

Weight: 695 g (1.5 lbs)

WingSpan: 1100mm
Length: 765mm
Flying weight: 695g
Motor: DST-1100 brushless outrunner
Prop: 8x6
Servos: 9g x 4
ESC: 20A ESC with 3amp BEC XT60 plug

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