ApexDC EVO from impulseRC


The ApexDC EVO is an innovative drone frame design that enhances the traditional 'dead cat' frame style. Here's a summary of its features:

  1. Unique Arm Geometry: It aligns the front and rear motors, maintaining a compressed-x geometry. This modification ensures balanced flight characteristics and better handling compared to the classic 'dead cat' design.

  2. Compatibility with Apex Arms: By modifying only the upper and lower main plates, it retains compatibility with regular Apex arms. It uses standard 5" arms in the front and 6" arms in the rear, eliminating propeller visibility in the shot of DJI HD flight cameras and allowing for lower GoPro angles for cinematic flying.

  3. Camera Mount: The frame includes a redesigned aluminum camera mount with 3D printed insulation inserts for vibration reduction and electrical isolation. It's adjustable to accommodate different HD and analog cameras, allowing for camera protection and frame invisibility in shots.

  4. Custom GoPro Mounting: A 3D printed mount and a custom aluminum bolt are provided for easy angle adjustments and weight savings. The bolt is compatible with standard hex drivers and prop tools for M5 nuts.

  5. HD Video System Isolation: The frame addresses grounding issues common with some HD video systems. It includes mylar insulators and non-conductive POM 'cone rivets' to electrically isolate the HD video system and mounting hardware, adding only 0.5g to the frame's weight.

  6. Antenna Mounting: Each kit comes with a 3D printed antenna mount suitable for HD video systems or similar antennas. The Mr Steele version also includes a standoff mount for the Tracer Immortal-T antenna.

Overall, the ApexDC EVO frame offers advanced features for improved flight performance, camera compatibility, video system isolation, and custom mounting solutions, making it a sophisticated choice for drone enthusiasts.


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Weight: unknown


  • Carbon fiber frame parts
  • Hardware and standoffs
  • Aluminium and TPU camera mount
  • Mylar and POM HD video isolation parts
  • HD video antenna mount
  • Injection molded skids and bumper
  • Injection molded wire covers
  • Rubber and velcro battery pads
  • Diamond files
  • Battery strap


  • Includes everything in the base kit, along with the following extras:
  • GoPro mount and custom bolt
  • Tracer Immortal-T mount
  • 7075-T6 lightweight hardware kit
  • Coyote Brown skids and bumper
  • Rubber FC vibration mounts
  • XT-60 pigtail
  • Foam strip
  • Additional battery strap
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