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The Moongoat is the result of a year's worth of R&D with a bar set so high that only someone who flies backwards can achieve. Whether you're trying to be the greatest pilot in the world or simply trying to enjoy the art of flying, one thing is for sure... you don't want to worry whether or not your frame will survive what you're about to do. Your mindset should be... FULL SEND!

Cricket gave us a lot of goals to hit with the design of this frame, and according to him, we nailed it. For example, this frame had to be durable, but not too heavy. It had to be compatible with different electronics as well as several camera/vtx options. It had to be well balanced, and just feel good to fly.

Durability vs weight is always a struggle, but we used a few tricks to find a good compromise on both points. We angled the arms to meet the body away from the center, while keeping the motor positions as close as possible. This shortens length of the arm, which  not only reduces the weight but also reduces the available leverage in a crash. 

Many frames with replaceable arms also make sure to butt the arms together so that impact forces are distributed to other parts of the structure. We used this method as well, but with an extra bit of Ummagawd innovation. We made a custom grade 12.9 shoulder bolt that secures the arms in place, while pinning them together to prevent rotation. This attachment method maintains incredible strength, 1 bolt arm swaps, and keeps the center section wide open to mount a variety of electronics without sharing hardware. 

Designed specifically for the DJI HD system (and Caddx Vista), the Moongoat frame is extremely versatile while maintaining a balanced center of gravity, for rock solid performance that simply feels great to fly. It can be setup with a GoPro up front, rear facing GoPro out back, DJI digital HD video or analog, 30x30 stack or 20x20... this frame has a pre-meditated way of mounting your gear without compromising performance. Both the center and rear section have adjustable mounting for both 30x30 and 20x20 electronics. Simply slide along the slot as needed to make any electronics fit.

The front and rear  stack locations allow you to select the best mounting option for proper balance. If using DJI or Vista with a GoPro, mount the unit in the rear and the FC/ESC stack in the center section for best center of gravity. If you plan to run DJI without a GoPro, mount the air unit in the center section with the FC/ESC stack in the rear. It's also possible to mount both the air unit and ESC (if using an all in one) in the center. (And no, it makes no difference where the FC is mounted so long as it's solid.)

We've installed a press nut into the top plate for aftermarket 3d printed mounts and accessories. We've also included an Ummagrip battery pad that's been die cut to fit the pattern in the top plate. To keep those batteries securely attached to your Ummagrip, we're including a pair of Kevlar battery straps with an extra D-ring that allows it to mount directly over the rear standoff. Notches in the top plate (above the rear set of standoffs) help capture the d-rings and prevent further slipping.

From the custom shoulder bolts and standoffs (made to our standards), to shortened arms and boxed in camera cage, this frame was made to take a beating. It's very likely that if you do end up needing to replace something, it's because of carbon delamination (wearing out the integrity of the carbon from repetitive hits and scraping). So we recommend the use of 3d protective parts to further extend the durability and preserve the carbon as much as possible if you plan to thrash this frame.


  • 30x30 and 20x20 adjustable mounting slots (middle and rear)
  • mount DJI systems (middle or rear)
  • analog FPV compatible (use 'micro' cams 20mm or smaller)
  • 3d printed GoPro camera mount compatible (front and rear)
  • Die-cut ummagrip
  • 2 kevlar battery straps with dual d-ring
  • all black hardware
  • 16x16 motor mounting
  • 2.5mm thickness for all plates (other than arms)
  • 5mm arms
  • Super STRONG 12.9 grade shoulder bolt center pins
  • access to components within 5 bolts
  • countersunk bolts for a sleek look
  • frame weight plus hardware = 110g


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Weight: 110 g (3.9 oz)

Frame Weight: 110 g

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